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Q. I work for myself cialis 20 mg precio farmacias andorra The dispute hangs on whether the stagehands - mostly prop-makers, carpenters and electricians - should have a role in a new educational wing that the Carnegie Hall Corp plans to open above the hall next year. metformin diabetes medication Their Carnesecca Arena games begin with exhibitions against San Francisco State and Humboldt State on Nov. 2 and 5 respectively. They also face Bucknell, Dartmouth, San Francisco, Wagner and Youngstown State. aldactone tablets for acne For instance, in September, Britain and Norway said they would work together more closely to lower costs by pooling resources for technical maintenance once the new fighter jets start arriving in Europe in the second half of the decade. tamsulosin (flomax) 0.4 mg capsule Dark chocolate's share of the U.S. market for chocolate bars will approach 20% this year, from just over 18% in 2008, according to Euromonitor. In Switzerland, where per-capita chocolate consumption is among the world's highest, the share of dark chocolate jumped to 30% from 22% over the same period. zovirax creme preisvergleich SIR – The term fracking is industry shorthand for “hydraulic fracturing”, a technique whereby water mixed with sand and other agents is injected at sustained high pressure into an oil or gas well.


1.00 Hope you can help me w/ my goldfish question? for experts only :)?

Q. Okay i dont have problem in my ryukin goldfish. i just need more informations so i wont have any future problems and so i can have my fish live a longer healthy life.. i have 2 ryukin goldfishes. i just got them last october 16.. they are not that big yet.. i have them in a 20 gallon fish tank.. thinking of upgrading to a 30 gallon fish tank soon coz i heard they grow really really big! i have 2 live plants also inside the tank.. i have a top filter also.. i change 25% of the water weekly using siphon gravel.. and use water conditioner.. i feed them tetra fin gold maintenance pellets.. i give them like 2-3x a week food treats like oranges, broccoli and peas.. i have them inside my room which is an air conditioned room.. they look healthy now.. never encountered any problems yet.. just wanna know if what im doing is already enough?? or im still missing on something else?? coz i really love my goldfishes sooo much really want them to live longer.. got no plans on buying any other fishes to have them join in their tank.. im so contented with them.. so i hope you can give me more tips on caring for my goldfishes.. thank you xoxo for :-) :-P :-D :-O ~~~>> yes they do have lights in their tank and its a shade of blue so its looks more relaxing to look at :) yeah tomorrow im plannin to buY more live plants for them :) mega thanks to all and to BRENT too for the comment :)

A. No there is not anything else you can do! You really do love them and they will live a happy long life! I would not suggest getting any other fishes and a 30 gallon tank for the pair is just big enough! 40 would be better see if you can get a 40 gallon! 50 is even better :O. I would suggest you clean them out every 2 weeks, 1 week is to short for them to get used to the water really but you are cleaning them out fine! All the food you feed them is great! Maybe if you could get some more plants and rocks to make it look nice! If you don't have a light maybe get one but i'm sure you do! Hope I helped! Good luck with your fish! oxox

1.00 I need help with categories!!?

Q. I need some help with categories, I am doing an excel spreadsheet and need to categorize the following: Gross Revenues Cost of Goods Sold Advertising Car & Truck Expenses Employee Benefit Programs Insurance (Other than health) Legal & Professional services Office Expenses Rent Repairs & Maintenance Supplies Travel Utilities Salaries & Wages Miscellaneous For example, rent would fall under occupancy, but what other categories can I make, and which ones do I put in those categories.. PLEASE, only answer if you understand my question..thanks..

A. Okay, I have been avoiding this question, but, since no one else can give you answer, let me help you. I would categorize them this way: PROFITS: Gross Revenues EMPLOYMENT: Employee Benefit Program Salaries and wages OCCUPANCY: Office Expenses Rent Repairs & Maintenance Utilities Supplies PUBLICITY/TRANSPORT: Travel Car & Truck Expenses Advertising LEGAL: … Insurance (Other than health) Legal & Professional services … Miscellaneous … GOODS: Cost of Goods Sold I hope I was able to help you, I was also taking this Computers class.

1.00 Does this job sound like a scam?

Q. So i applied on craigslist for a job advertising an $1800 base pay. I got a call within less than an hour after applying. The guy i spoke to on the phone immediately wanted to setup a time for an interview. I tried to ask basic questions about the job but felt he was being a little dodgey. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt considering the office was a block from my house. I went to the shabby office located above a local pub and filled out a company app. He told me he would like to start me as an entry level manager. I asked what kind of work it was and he told me he would get into that. He then asked me if i could clean two carpets a day to which I replied yes. I asked if it was door to door or if it was in a retail environment. He told me they have reps which do both. He told me that i could come to orientation tomorrow to get a full spiel. I feel just as confused now as before i went to the interview. It seemed like the goal of the interview was to get me hired and not a whole lot else. I work for a crappy call center that doesnt come close to paying the bills so I said i would give it a shot. He said the name of the company was Rocky Mountain Care, I went online and couldnt find any information on the company whatsoever. Does this sound like a scam?

A. I did a search and immediately found them. They are a senior care company. I am not saying the job offer was legitimate, only that there is such a company. Sounds like they want you for maintenance. The site has a phone number of 1.800.574.7666. You can call and find out if the job offer was legitimate. ₪ ʎəɿʞɹɐq ₪

1.00 What is the engineering function of an Electrical Engineering company? This is in the tertiary sector?

Q. I know their services such as including lighting, general power, UPS, generators, energy management, CCTV, fire alarm, security systems, data and communication services. But how is their service process carried out? like in maintenance and repair? what is the process they do it in? thanks in advance.

A. Electrical engineers work in so many sectors with so many guidelines that theres no universal process. the best thing to do would be to find a specific branch of the industry and explore that.

1.00 Toro commercial irrigation system: sprinkler will not shut off in automatic mode.?

Q. I have been in the greenskeeping maintenance business since 1972, but, I am new to automatic irrigation systems. Worked with the "old school" way of working thru the night going from tee to tee, green to green, and fairways changing sprinkler heads and turning them on and off. Thank you.

A. Check the valve, most likely something stuck in it. If you can take it apart, and clean it, and flush it, you should be good to go. good luck!!

1.00 My landlord is rewiring the house who has to decorate property after work is finished?

Q. I moved in about four months ago decorated the property fire service came round and fitted smoke alarms whilst here he notice some health and safety issues and notified the local authorities. they told the landlord that numerous things needed to be changed one being the whole house to be re-wired landlord does not want trunket wants wires in the walls which is going to cause disruption and and a need for decoration.

A. Depends on what is says in your lease about maintenance

1.00 What would cause cars in a parking lot to all have dead batteries?

Q. In my apartment's 20 car parking lot, 8 of the cars had dead batteries this morning. I don't know if it is possible for this to just be a coincidence or what. Maybe the parking lot is draining batteries (jk) or is there something someone can do to drain car batteries? If anyone has any sound reasons for this to be happening let me know. BTW: all the cars are different makes and models. It isn't because of maintenance... just to let you know.

A. Sometimes your car is having a device that is on and is draining it. You can check that by removing the ground side of the battery cable and touch it to the battery post. If it arcs then you are getting battery drainage and have to find and search why. Or it is not, then you have a dead cell in your battery just enough to drain by the cold mornings. Or a cold day there is not enough amps because of the dead cell. Most cases the battery will need to be replaced. Most battery's last only a couple of years. Especially the very cheap ones and the ones you get from a new car.

Maintenance Electricians

 Electrician - Maintenance Electricians Preventive electric maintenance is an important part of safeguarding the electrical system in your home or office. Your electrical circuitry is made up of hundreds or thousands of feet of wires interspersed with junction boxes, electrical outlets and switches. A defect anywhere in the system can cause a complete breakdown, and in worst case scenario, lead to fires and other disasters. A construction and maintenance electrician is a qualified professional who is trained to look for minor faults in the electrical system, and repair these before they evolve into major problems. A maintenance electrician is trained to check the entire electrical system to make sure that all elements are functioning efficiently.

 electrician contractor in Seattle, Washington A maintenance electrician is a professional qualified and licensed electrician who meets all certification and accreditation requirements, as required by state or Seattle specifications. An inexperienced handyman is not qualified or trained to check through lengths of wiring to look for minor problems and defects. Regular electrical panel maintenance and maintenance testing are absolutely essential to avoid sudden electrical breakdowns or even disasters. This is especially true in the case of large buildings which have several miles of electrical wiring connecting outlets and switches. Periodic electrical maintenance testing can save a business thousands of dollars in annual electrician's fees.

Preventive electrical maintenance can save a home owner or business owner hundreds or thousands of dollars every year in electrical repairs. In buildings like hotels and malls, where continuous and 24 hour supply of power is crucial to the success of the business, periodical electrical maintenance can help boost success. To get connected with maintenance electricians in the Seattle area, simply fill out your forms on the page, and the system will scour the database, and match you with suitable electricians. To receive your free quotes from up to 4 local electricians, just fill out our form and our electricians in your area will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with your free estimates.

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